• 2014-10-04

    Accidental Babies



    21岁的时候总可以以为we will find our way back eventually. 但是其实not necessairly. We diverged and we never get there. 很多不解和不甘。但是走投无路必须投降的时刻,又岂止是这样。


    现在不再试图去figure out all the anwsers, since that got me into trouble every single time. 

    maybe there is no anwser. 

    Who cares? We are just passing through. 

    过了八年再听Damien Rice,realize I never got it, when we were 19. 


    Why do you sing Hallelujah if it means nothing to you

    Why did you sing with me at all?

    Why me?


    Stop questining me. It's inexplicable.